Programming Fundamentals – How Programming Evolved?

From the beginning of the civilization, the human being was in need of Information and that’s why he continually worked on searching new and improved ways to collect the information so that he could take better decisions on the basis of the collected information. Due to the need and importance of the Information, Paper and Pen was the first invention of the human.
As the human being become civilized, he made new cities, states and countries and then established new relationships between those countries to increase business and nowadays not only for business but also approximately for each and every part of the daily life there is a transaction between various countries of world via Internet and World Wide Web. It would not be wrong if I say that after Agricultural Revolution and then Business Revolution, we are living currently in the time of Information Revolution.
In past, to collect the information for future use to make better decisions, first of all the human being started to draw it as image on the pots of clay. Then he made language with defining characters and words, and started to collect information on pots of clay with writing it as combination of words rather than drawing them as images. But after the invention of Paper and Pen, he started to store the information on Paper and now we are doing so using Computers, which is the modern way to store and collect the information for future use but Computer can do much more then ordinary paper. I mean, it is a device which can make better decisions to follow with processing the data stored in it on the basis of the Programs. We will talk about it latter because the whole book is to learn about How to Program a Computer System using C Language. Read more...